Names and Designations of the Teacher Administrators of Thinkquest

Name Designation

Classes allotted

Mr. Chitra Bidlan Principal


Mr. Mahender Kumar


PGT(Comp Sc) School

Mr. Baltej Singh


Computer Instructor School


Learning is a social phenomenon, which is why engages and inspires students. By providing a wider yet protected audience, turns students into multimedia authors for a global community and allows peers to think and learn together. Only students and teachers from member schools can enter this password-protected learning community. Once inside, members use websites and interactive tools to publish their ideas, collaborate on projects, and build knowledge together. It makes easy for teachers to send assignments home and interact with parents, and for students to turn in their homework. Schools choose whether to provide email for students and, if so, whether students can exchange messages with people outside of Teachers also have a special 'Parents Page' making classroom news easily accessible to parents without a login. Students and teachers interact by leaving 'sticky' notes, sending emails, and participating in published forums debates, votes, message boards, and ask me's. The forums allow students to be the experts, answering questions and leading online discussions.

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